Nico Galeano

Nico Galeano


Clean: 235lbs

Back squat: 295

Snatch: 175

Unbroken RMU: 5

Unbroken Pull up: 32


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

Hey! I’m Nico. I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. I played all sports when I was growing up; volleyball, swimming, basketball, tennis, track and field, but soccer will always have my heart. I played mainly for my school teams in Colombia where we won National and international competitions in soccer. I started doing CrossFit as a side sport to improve my strength for soccer, but I suffered a soccer injury so I stopped playing, but kept on doing CrossFit for my recovery.

Turning Point

Moving to the United States was a big change and the first year was challenging. It put me in a very difficult situation emotionally where I wouldn’t see anything good out of anything that happened to me. I was struggling with the fact that I had to leave life in Colombia and start new here, but then I realized I was the one not getting the best out of that situation, I was the one who had to make the best out of what was happening. Your worst enemy will always be your own mind, it will limit you to things that you would be able to do if you change your mindset and use it in your favor.

Motivation & Passion

I have learned a lot from CrossFit, but the thing that matters the most to me is the community that CrossFit gives to everyone who walks through the door. You will always have someone there for you when you need it and as a coach, I want to be that person who encourages and supports others to achieve their goals physically or in any aspect of their life.

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